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A scene from Budweiser | Mon Feb 6, 2017 | 1:36pm EST Super Bowl ads score eyeballs with political football A scene from Budweiser's Super Bowl commercial ''Born the Hard Way.'' REUTERS/Courtesy Amheuser-Busch By Tim Baysinger | NEW YORK NEW YORK With Americans' attention more finely tuned to the political climate under U.S. President Donald Trump, brands that dove headfirst into that conversation generated the most reaction from viewers during Sundays Super Bowl. For much of the evening, the chatter around commercials by AirBnB Inc, Coca Cola Co and Budweiser was more exciting than เล่น คา สิ โน ออนไลน์ the Super Bowl itself. That changed late in the game, the New England Patriots pulled off a 25-point comeback to defeat the Atlanta Falcons in the National Football Leagues first-ever overtime Super Bowl. With the thrilling finish, viewers could exceed the 114.4 million who watched Super Bowl XLIX in 2015, providing a massive audience for advertisers who paid more than $5 million for 30 seconds of air time. A teaser for the second season of Netflix Inc's hit show "Stranger Things," as well as celebrity-studded and humorous ads from T-Mobile US Inc and Proctor & Gamble Co's Mr. Clean, drew the most attention on social media. Still, brands such as AirBnB, that leaned into subjects of diversity and immigration, by and large sparked the most conversation among viewers. The company's ad, featuring a diverse group of employees touting a message of acceptance, will be seen by many as a criticism of Trumps immigration policies.

Set reasonable win goals. Unless you are a card counter, the odds are stacked against you so be content with a modest win. If you manage to get ahead by more than 50% of your initial bankroll, pocket half of your profit plus what you started with and play with the rest. This way if you lose, youll still go home with some of the casinos money for a change. 3. If you lose four, five or six hands in a row, dont increase your bets because you believe you are due to win. The odds of winning the next hand dont change just because you lose the few hands. If you run into a buzz-saw dealer who consistently draws to 20 and 21s and beats the table, quit the table and take a break. Relax, catch your breath, and try your luck at another table.

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